The Ripple partnership will allow cryptocurrency payments for high-end items

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Ripple, a payment company, has partnered with Lunu to enable crypto payments at luxury brand merchants. According to a news release, the agreement will allow users to pay for in-store and online store items using Ripple’s Liquidity Hub.

Lunu provides a number of products to its linked merchants, including points of sale or Lunu terminals for processing in-store payments, a Lunu widget for e-commerce platforms, a wallet for buying, storing, swapping, and transacting with digital assets, and more.

This agreement has the potential to make cryptocurrency adoption possible for millions of users and retailers. Lunu works with e-commerce powerhouses like Shopify, Woo Commerce, Magento, BigCommerce, PHP, and more.

Known jewelry designer Steven Stone, Chalhoub Group, Off-White, Browns, Courbet, L’Exception, Farfetch, and others are among its luxury brand retailers. The companies think that by working together, they can speed up the adoption of cryptocurrency for the benefit of merchants and customers.

The former will be able to reach out to new customers, while the latter will be able to take use of Ripple’s Liquidity Hub’s quick, low-cost transactions. This technology connects shops and consumers to worldwide venues such as OTC desks and exchange platforms “seamlessly.”

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