Townstar Review (October 2022)

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Gala Games’ Townstar is a free-to-play farming game (co-founders of Zynga Games). Players construct their Town to generate resources that can earn them Town Coin, the game’s cryptocurrency.

It is a calm but strategic farming game with a lot of depth that is built on the Etheruem network.

Many crypto game fans have asked what Townstar is. It is a new yet popular farming game, with over 700,000 towns built and over 2 million money distributed to players.

It has gotten great feedback from the community, with numerous positive Townstar evaluations.

The basic goal of the game is to collect 1000 stars as part of the daily quest. When this goal is met, players will receive 1 Town Coin as a monetary reward.

This can be accomplished by generating resources in a town and selling them to the neighboring city.

Townstar is one of the best crypto games available and is ideal for followers of the farming game genre. It is compatible with Android and Apple phones, as well as PCs and Macs.

How to play

Townstar is a charming cartoon style that delivers a lot of satisfaction when constructing your Town.

The gameplay is similar to other agricultural games, with a lot of clicking and resource collection. It is a calm game that may be highly lucrative as your Town expands, particularly after you begin earning Town Coin.

The gameplay is also very deep, and players must plan their Towns in order to be successful. As a result, employing your Townstar finest plan is critical.

Furthermore, it can be operated on any computer, Mac, or phone, which is a huge benefit for individuals who have older gadgets.

The gameplay is stunning in its simplicity, with amazing strategic features, as evidenced by many other Townstar ratings.

Rewards to earn

Because of the Townstar awards system, it is one of the finest crypto games for beginners. Many games have intricate systems in place to reward players.

After finishing the daily mission, Town Star awards 1 Town Coin. This sum can also be multiplied by specific NFTs in-game.

Despite the fact that players must own at least one in-game NFT to earn Town Coin, Towns, like other farming games, ramp up production as players progress.

This can be quite profitable, but players must be strategic in their growth in order to be efficient.

While the value of Town Coin fluctuates like other cryptocurrencies, it appears likely to rise as the game grows in popularity. This will make Townstar much more enjoyable.


Overall, Townstar is ideal for fans of agricultural games who wish to branch out into crypto gaming.

Its depth and strategic features are valuable assets. Furthermore, the Town Star play-to-earn component of the daily quest offers exceptional earning chances.

It is an excellent game in its genre, and Gala Games has made it their flagship crypto game for good reason.

Townstar will continue to develop, and its flaws are related to the genre rather than the game itself. In conclusion, Townstar is a must-have for aficionados of crypto-based farming games.

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