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In the game Skyweaver, you can collect and trade digital trading cards with other players. Each card is “non-fungible,” which means that it does not have the same value as Bitcoin in terms of how it may be used. This is because each card has a unique serial number. Every card, regardless of whether it is part of the Base, Silver, or Gold NFTs, possesses its own unique worth. Even if you created your account a long time ago, your Skyweaver cards will be minted as soon as they are brought online and into circulation. This is the most notable aspect of Skyweaver.

The cards that represent Silver War World are the “common” cards used in the game. They can be bought, sold, or given as presents to close companions. Gold War World cards are unique to this set and cannot be earned in any other manner. They have a value that is just slightly higher than that of Base cards, and they can be used in place of money to enter the game’s specialized battle modes rather than having to pay a charge. Your desire for these potent forces will be granted once you have amassed all of the Gold War World Cards associated with a certain faction. Completing your collection with these cards will fulfill your dream.

Skyweaver is a “Win to Earn” game, which means that there are no payments received for merely “playing the game.” The Trading Card Game has to make it abundantly apparent that you can either place in the top 250 of both Ranked Discovery and Constructed, triumph in the Conquest mode (which may also be named Arena), or work your way all the way up to Grandweaver level.

When a player reaches the level of Grandweaver, a second award will become available to them. When a player is in the Arena, they have the opportunity to pull a card at random from the “Wall of Fate,” which is an in-game collection of random cards with the purpose of either helping or hindering the player. If you want stronger cards added to your Wall of Fate, you need to have a higher mastery rank than your opponents have. Only then will your Wall of Fate be able to fill up.

Skyweaver is not like other types of NFTs in a variety of important respects. SkyWeaver doesn’t have any tokens! A decision that would normally appear to be completely insane appears to be very intelligent now, amid a complete fall in the market. The business made the decision to host its marketplace on Polygon, which is a Layer 2 of Ethereum. However, all transactions were conducted in $USDC, which is the second most popular stablecoin (and the only one that did not lose its peg after the meltdown). Cards can be purchased through the marketplace using $USDC, and thanks to Polygon, there are no gas fees associated with doing so. Transactions are conducted on Sequence, which is an ERC-20-compatible wallet.

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