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How does Secureverse work in Web3?

Blockchain is a revolutionary emerging technology that is reshaping the Internet. Because of its distributed, decentralized peer-to-peer network, Blockchain is more secure than the existing internet architecture, and its immutability properties make it a more trusted and scalable solution for major existing problems. Perhaps all the high-security properties there is no 100% secure technology in the world.

Bitcoin is the first example of a blockchain-based highly secure financial payment network. However, bitcoin is only a financial payment network, whereas Ethereum made better use of blockchain technology.

Ethereum is an open-source decentralized blockchain that allows anyone to create a decentralized application. Anyone can build and deploy an application on the Ethereum blockchain by writing smart contracts. The smart contract is written in solidity language. Solidity is a statically typed language that is brand new, developers all over the world still learning and gaining experience with it.

Ethereum has blockchain security advantages, but smart contracts are written by humans. In addition, a human may make mistakes when writing smart contract code. Money is involved in defi applications, as it is in any decentralized cryptocurrency application, so it must be secured. A minor error can cost millions of dollars. As we already know, billions of dollars have been stolen, burned or locked in smart contracts as a result of vulnerabilities in smart contract code.

In terms of web3, blockchain has largely replaced underlying technologies such as centralized web servers, FTP servers, and many others. It is extremely difficult for humans to interact directly with smart Contracts, so a web interface, such as a web portal or wallet, is required. The data for the website is derived from the underlying blockchain technology. As a result, interactions between web portals and blockchain provide another attack surface for the attacker. To avoid any risk, it is extremely crucial to securely integrate the front-running web portal with the back-running blockchain.

Secureverse must consider security, whether it is a web2 or web3 system, and we have skilled professionals in our team who can check and verify the overall security posture of the echo system. Security is an essential component in WEB3.0 ecosystem. Blockchain Penetration testing is required in web3 to check and prevent the vulnerabilities of Blockchain and its integration with front-running web portals. In addition, Smart contract auditor who can analyse and test smart contract code and help us to mitigate security flaws.

Secureverse help the Web3 universe with a skilled professional team to safeguard their project and funds. Secureverse offers affordable cost blockchain Penetration Testing, Smart Contract Auditing, and Blockchain Forensic Services. Our primary goal is to protect Web3 for everyone while also assisting the community in developing trust in the blockchain and crypto world.

Blockchain penetration testing services include web application front-end security testing as well as interface testing. For Web application and interface testing, covering the OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities along with some application-specific testing. The testing includes both automated web application vulnerability scanning tools and manual testing.

Secureverse cover a wide range of vulnerabilities in smart contract auditing, including the SWC registry, other common vulnerabilities, gas optimization, function testing, and our own smart contract security checklist, which includes over 250 different vulnerabilities.

The Secureverse audit approach begins with defining the scope of the audit, followed by an in-depth study and review of project documentation and whitepapers. The smart contract code was then reviewed and the core/important functions and components were sorted. Once we have the critical function, we will begin our first audit phase, which will include static analysis.

Static analysis is performed with the help of a cutting-edge automatic smart contract vulnerability scanning tool and some open source vulnerability scanning tools. In the second audit phase, our expert auditor team starts reviewing and analyzing code line by line, looking for security loopholes.

This phase includes reviewing and verifying all static analysis results to avoid false positives discovered by automated tools. In the third phase, we begin function testing by writing customized function-specific test cases and determining whether or not the contract function works as intended. This phase also includes checking the contract’s gas optimization. After completing all three phases, our team reviews the overall audit and sends the initial report to the project team with solutions and suggestions.

Why you should choose Secureverse?

Secureverse is an emerging cyber security service provider founded by the founder, Mr. Darshit Badani, who has rich experience in web application penetration testing, along with our co-founder, Mr. Nityanand Patel, who has a gold medal in digital forensics and quality experience in smart contract audit and blockchain forensics, and our second co-founder, Mr. Aliasgar Kapadiya, who has comprehensive knowledge in intrusion intelligence and malware.

Secureverse’s primary goal is to provide low-cost cyber security services to the Web3 echo system. As we all know, due to the high cost of security services such as penetration testing and smart contract auditing, many web3 projects have been compromised and in loss or closed. As new vulnerabilities emerge on a daily basis, it becomes increasingly difficult for legacy projects to spend large sums of money on security services. Secureverse was created to address all of these issues, with the goal of securing Web3 and increasing trust in blockchain.

Secureverse key services includes:

  1. Blockchain Web-Application Penetration testing
  2. Smart contract auditing
  3. Blockchain/Cryptocurrency forensic services
  4. Post Audit Marketing services
    All these services are available at secureverse at very affordable price without compromising the industry standards.

Let’s look at key point why Secureverse is best:
• Low cost security services.
• Well experienced and balanced team
• Approch of Audit :Automated & Manual Audit
• Partnerships with so many web3 companies
• Fast Track Audit services
• In-depth reports with solutions and suggestions
• Smart contract audit covers more than 250+ security checks
• Penetration testing with PoC

Request for an audit now with Secureverse!

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