Why A Group Of 4,400 Crypto Investors Are Chasing After The CEO Do Kwon

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Last Updated on October 20, 2022 by Bitfinsider

A desperate investor has decided to take matters into his own hands and go the extra mile just to find him and seek retribution. Do Kwon, the disgraced crypto prodigy who co-founded Terraform Labs, could soon face a vigilante brand of justice as a result of this investor’s decision. Kwon co-founded Terraform Labs.

As the South Korean national continues his Houdini act to evade capture, investors who lost a fortune as a result of the May Terra Crash, which wiped out approximately $40 billion from the crypto market in a matter of days, are becoming increasingly frustrated.

This, however, paved the way for crypto retail investors to band together in a large-scale manhunt that aims to flush Do Kwon out wherever he is hiding right now. The objective of this hunt is to flush Do Kwon out wherever he is hiding.

The UST Restitution Group (URG), which has approximately 4,400 members, is now actively keeping track of every minuscule detail and piece of information regarding the potential location of the Interpol Red-Noticed crypto top honcho.

A number of crypto retail investors believe he may be in Dubai due to recent activities involving the Terra founder, such as his suspicious transfer of 3,313 Bitcoin to two overseas crypto exchanges just last month. These beliefs are based on the recent activities that have taken place.

According to them, the location has regulations that are crypto-friendly, and it may have been the ideal place for Do Kwon to facilitate the BTC transfers because of this. The extradition treaties that are available in the Emirati city are limited.

Kang Hyung-suk, a member of URG, is going to the United Arab Emirates to look for Do Kwon, so the organization will soon have the chance to determine whether or not this theory is accurate. This is good news for URG.

Kwon may be in for a rough ride as a result of this situation given that Kang has already made it abundantly clear that he will administer his own brand of justice. He (Kang) is also asking his fellow investors to join him on this manhunt in order to finally bring justice to everyone who has suffered as a result of the enormous collapse that Terra Lab experienced.

It would appear that the once successful crypto expert is playing mind games with the authorities, as he has denied that he is evading capture by the authorities who are investigating him.

On September 27, 2022, multiple online media outlets reported that Do Kwon replied to a Twitter comment asking where he is by saying that he is currently “writing code” in his living room. The comment had asked where he was.

According to the location function of the social media platform, it seemed as though Kwon was currently located in Singapore. After further investigation, the city-police state’s force determined that the rumor was untrue.

While the Terra founder continues to avoid capture and hide, the URG will keep looking for clues that will lead them to his location so that they can find him. The focus of everyone’s attention right now is on Kang Hyung-suk as he sets out on a quest to locate the enigmatic big-time crypto figure.

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