While Taking a Lie Detector Test, Ronaldo Hints at His Intentions Regarding NFTs

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Last Updated on September 4, 2023 by Bitfinsider

Legendary soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo submitted himself to a lie detector test in order to answer a variety of questions pertaining to the sport of soccer. He also hinted that he intends to release additional nonfungible token (NFT) collections in the near future.

The video of the lie detector test was created at the same time as the release of the football star’s second NFT collection, which was done in cooperation with the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. The sportsman was honoured for his reign as the highest goal scorer in the sport when the collection was made available in the month of July.

Fans of football were able to watch Ronaldo undergo a lie detector exam and answer questions about the sport, such as “Will Portugal win the World Cup?” thanks to a video that was made available online. and “Will you still be playing at the highest level you’ve ever played at when you’re in your 40s?”

The athlete responded “yes” when asked if he owns NFTs, and the lie detector test verified that he was telling the truth about his ownership of NFTs. When Ronaldo was asked if he has any future plans to release more NFTs, the findings were the same.

Following the signing of a multiyear partnership with Binance in 2022, Ronaldo collaborated with the cryptocurrency exchange to launch his debut NFT collection. Through a variety of NFT activities, the goal of this collaboration is to bring Web3 to the attention of football fans all over the world. An announcement states that the NFTs that Ronaldo is releasing will provide opportunity for fans to engage with the football superstar in ways that are not available to the general public.

Meanwhile, Ronaldinho Ga├║cho, a famous soccer player from Brazil, is the subject of a Brazilian inquiry into cryptocurrency fraud. Local media sources said on August 27 that the football player had skipped his scheduled congressional appearance due to an investigation into a pyramid scheme purportedly associated with one of his businesses.

Finally appearing before a committee investigation on August 31, the soccer player denied any involvement in a scheme that offered a 2% daily return on cryptocurrency. Ronaldinho denied having any partnership with the company, which is the target of a lawsuit seeking $61 million in damages. The athlete said that the company had improperly utilised his photos and that he had also fallen victim to the scam.

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