Users of Bitfinex Fell Victim to a “Minor” Phishing Campaign Following an Employee Compromise

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Last Updated on November 5, 2023 by Bitfinsider

After one of its customer service representatives was compromised earlier this week, between October 30 and November 5, cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex said that it had experienced a “minor” information security problem.

It sparked a wave of phishing attempts targeting Bitfinex users, but the company clarified in a statement on November 4 that not much harm was done.

“Through the phishing of a customer support representative, a tiny area of our customer support boards, which contained partial, incomplete, and stale information, was accessible by an individual or group.”

The company further stated that fortunately, the customer care representative had restricted access to help desk tickets and accompanying materials since she lacked “senior permissions.”

Bitfinex emphasized that no customer cash were lost and that none of its systems were breached.

“No server, wallet or database infrastructure was accessed,” Bitfinex said. It also added: “At no time were customer assets on the platform at risk, nor was password information accessible. Most of the affected customer accounts were empty or inactive.“

Even though Bitfinex claimed that the problem has been “resolved,” they are still investigating the event and the exposed data and are contacting the impacted clients.

The company reported the problem to law enforcement, and it will cooperate with the investigating authorities to find the person responsible for the phishing assault.

Bitfinex said: “We have a strong track record of securing successful convictions against individuals who have attempted to attack our operations in the past.”

Bitfinex required all staff to complete cybersecurity training and reviewed its security protocols on a regular basis, but the event still occurred.

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