Twitter’s Block Feature is Being Killed, Elon Musk Announced, Thus Provoking Outrage

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Last Updated on August 19, 2023 by Bitfinsider

On Friday, Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, stunned users by announcing plans to remove the option to ban other users. This decision has so far not won the backing of many well-known figures.

Except for DMs, Block will be removed as a “feature,” according to Musk on X, who also stated that the tool “makes no sense.”

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The information was shared in response to a tweet from the Telsa Owners Silicon Valley account, which questioned whether blocking someone was ever preferable to using the mute button. When you block someone, they cannot view your tweets. They can still see your tweets when they are muted, but you won’t see theirs in your feed.

Jack Dorsey, a co-founder of Twitter and a former CEO, added his support for getting rid of the block feature and only letting users silence other accounts if they so choose. Dorsey responded, “Mute only,” adding the “100” emoji to show his support.

Dorsey, however, was not the majority. The majority of Twitter users, including those who have historically backed Musk, have opposed his plan. Detractors contend that by eliminating the function, users who depend on it to prevent offensive tweets from appearing in their feeds will suffer.

The majority of your other innovations are great, too. Geoffrey Miller, a professor of psychology and author, stated that blocking lets people to defend themselves against dangers like “stalkers, psychopaths, toxic trolls, [and] cancel culture ‘activists’.”

Miller continued, “It’s a crucial feature for improving the safety and quality of this platform. Please reconsider!”

“Why do you insist on making the experience on here worse and worse every day?” “Chairman Birb Bernanke” posed the query. “Are you just abusing people to see how much they’ll take at this point, or what? I block hundreds of accounts for harassment. What purpose does removing this serve?”

Even Greg (@greg16676935420), a well-known anonymous Twitter user who routinely engages with renowned people like Elon Musk and Tom Brady, a retired NFL player, spoke in favour of the function. Greg tweeted, “I block to keep scammers and bots off my posts.”

The crypto influencer Crypto Wendy O stated, “Cool, now we get to deal with threats and abusive behaviour and not to mention the spam bots that actually harm one’s audience.”

Blocking accounts is a common feature of social media platforms that have come online recently, including as Mastodon, BlueSky, the decentralised Minds, and X competitor Threads from Meta.

Since purchasing the platform last autumn, Musk has made a number of important improvements to it. Although users still refer to the website by its previous name and term messages “tweets,” Musk stated in July that Twitter would change its branding and logo to X.

Basic user verification and Tweetdeck, an advanced Twitter client, were both made available only to Twitter Blue premium service users. According to some Twitter users, the block feature will eventually go the same path.

Eva Galperin, director of cybersecurity at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, commented, “I have a vision of the future: Within a week of getting rid of the block button, Elon will announce that the block feature will only be available to subscribers to Twitter Blue.”

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