This Is Why The Aptos Blockchain Is Gaining so much Traction

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Last Updated on September 20, 2022 by Bitfinsider

The Aptos blockchain and ecosystem are gaining traction as the launch of its mainnet approaches. Aptos is attracting a lot of attention from crypto enthusiasts, including investors, developers, users, and “hodlers” alike, in an industry where everyone is looking for the “next big thing.”

Aptos is currently in the spotlight for good reason: it is a project that promises much more than increased scalability and faster transactions, as most other alternative Layer-1 networks do. Aptos supporters believe that the blockchain will eventually outperform Ethereum and Solana due to its powerful architecture and a strong development team led by Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching, who previously worked on Facebook’s Diem project.

Aptos is still in its early stages, with only its testnet operational. There is no token or even a whitepaper yet, but that hasn’t stopped a slew of teams from looking to build on its platform.

What we do know about Aptos is that it has compelling reasons to be expanded upon. Aptos, like its failed predecessor Diem, bases its smart contracts on the Rust-based Move programming language. Move has many advantages that Ethereum’s Solidity does not, such as secure resource management and simple verification of blockchain commands. Aptos also employs an advanced, low-latency Byzantine Fault Tolerant mechanism that ensures the network’s safety even if its nodes are manipulated by attackers, providing greater security for the projects and assets that rely on it.

Other distinguishing features of Aptos include the ability for users to change their private keys to increase security and an incredibly fast transaction speed that has been demonstrated to reach 125,000 to 150,000 TPS in laboratory conditions. Furthermore, the Atmos team has stated that upgradeability is a primary focus of its efforts, and that they have made it possible to update the core network without the need for downtime, ensuring no future disruption. Finally, validators will be able to run diverse nodes at multiple levels, according to the promise.

Aptos has gotten off to a fast start, and it checks a lot of boxes that would indicate it is a deadly serious project in the works. It has piqued the interest of developers in key areas such as DeFi, which includes DEXs and lending dApps, and basic infrastructure, such as oracles and wallets.

One thing it currently lacks is a bridge-focused project that would provide interoperability with more established networks, which some may find concerning. However, if Aptos lives up to its promise, someone will almost certainly attempt to build one soon. In any case, Aptos has attracted the attention of projects from other blockchains, with Blocto, Pontem Network, and Solrise all pledging to build on its platform. There is every reason to believe that its ecosystem will continue to grow. Aptos has plenty of cash to entice developers through its recently established grants program, thanks to its strong investor backing.

Given Aptos’ reliance on Move, a programming language that many developers are unfamiliar with, we can expect its team to do promotional and educational work in this area, so look for a hackathon announcement or the availability of new developer tools to make it easier to build on Aptos.

Of course, the big news that everyone is anticipating is the launch of the Aptos mainnet later this month. This will be the most dramatic step forward Aptos has taken thus far, and it will be closely watched. Aptos will finally be able to debut its native token APTOS, which will be listed on multiple CEXs and DEXs with the launch. Following that, Aptos will see a wave of NFT projects and dApps launch, bringing its ecosystem to life.

Given all of the hype surrounding Aptos, the day its mainnet goes live promises to be a watershed moment in the crypto industry. Users will get their first hands-on experience with a revolutionary programming foundation that promises to revolutionize blockchain security and scalability.

If everything goes as planned, we can expect to see a lot more Aptos headlines in the coming months.

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