The world pays a final farewell to Queen Elizabeth II with grandeur and sadness.

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Following a day in which Britain and the rest of the world bid a tearful farewell to the country’s longest-reigning monarch in a glittering display of pomp and ceremony, Queen Elizabeth was laid to rest alongside her cherished husband on Monday, September 19.

There were times of unadulterated feeling amidst the formality and meticulous choreography. Late in the day, an emotional King Charles fought back tears while other royal family members’ features wore the scars of loss.

Many people flocked to Windsor Castle and the streets of London to see the impressive, dramatic processions and rituals.

About 500 presidents, prime ministers, members of foreign royal families, and dignitaries, including Joe Biden of the United States, were present among the 2,000 attendees.

To honor Elizabeth, whose death at the age of 96 has sparked an outpouring of gratitude for her 70 years as king or queen, hundreds of thousands had jammed into the capital outside.

She loved the English countryside, so many people lined the route as the hearse transported her body from London to Windsor, throwing flowers, applauding, and clapping as it passed.

At a smaller, more private committal service held at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, roughly 800 guests were present. The crown, orb, and sceptre—symbols of the monarch’s authority and rule—were then taken out of the coffin and put on the altar.

The most senior member of the royal household, the Lord Chamberlain, then broke his “Wand of Office,” denoting the conclusion of his service to the monarch, and put it on the coffin as it lowered gradually into the royal vault.

King Charles, who faces a great struggle in keeping the monarchy appealing as economic misery looms in Britain, appeared to be fighting back tears as the audience sang God Save the King.

The queen was photographed alone during the pandemic lockdown, grieving the loss of her husband of 73 years, Prince Philip. This portrait confirmed the idea of a ruler in tune with her people amid trying times.

The coffins of Elizabeth and Philip, who passed away last year at the age of 99, were taken from the vault later on Monday evening for a private family funeral. They were interred in the same chapel as her mother, father, and sister, Princess Margaret.

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