OpenAI CEO Sam Altman May Return

Image from Shutterstock

Less than a day after being abruptly removed as CEO of top artificial intelligence company OpenAI, various stories have appeared claiming that the company—or at least its key investors, who include Microsoft—is negotiating to bring him back.

According to The Verge and The New York Times, head scientist Ilya Sutskever led the coup on the six-member board of directors, which included Altman and firm co-founder and board chairman Greg Brockman. It was carried out about noon on Friday, without Brockman’s involvement and without any prior negotiations with Altman or the company’s main investors.

Those investors, particularly Microsoft, which has spent an estimated $13 billion into the former non-profit, were taken aback. While Microsoft issued a public statement declaring its “utmost confidence” in a post-Altman OpenAI, multiple news outlets are reporting that Microsoft was betting on Altman’s leadership and is a key player in a behind-the-scenes effort to bring him back to lead the company.

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