Musk gives a sneak peek at Tesla’s humanoid robot but warns that it is not yet ready

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Last Updated on October 1, 2022 by Bitfinsider

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, unveiled a model of the humanoid robot Optimus on Friday, September 30. He predicted that the electric car manufacturer would be able to produce millions of them and sell them for about US$20,000, or less than a third of the cost of a Model Y.

On Friday, Tesla displayed a video of a prototype model performing simple duties at a production station at the company’s California plant, including watering plants, moving boxes, and lifting metal bars. Tesla said that the model was developed in February and walked out to wave at the crowd.

Musk expressed his optimism that the current generation bot, which is more streamlined, will soon be able to walk by itself as the team unveiled it on a cart.

Existing humanoid robots, according to him, lack a brain and the capacity to come up with solutions on their own. In contrast, he asserted, Tesla will aspire to build millions of Optimus, a “very capable robot.”

He stated that he thought it would only cost around $20,000 USD.

Musk and Tesla executives agreed that there was still a lot of work to be done in order to build a low-cost, mass-produced robot that could take the place of people in the workplace.

Toyota and Honda, among other automakers, have created humanoid robot prototypes that are capable of complex tasks like shooting a basketball, and factory robots from ABB and other manufacturers are a staple of the auto industry.

However, Tesla is the only company driving the market for a mass-market robot that may be utilized in manufacturing.

A 2.3kWh battery pack carried by the bot’s torso, a chip system, and actuators used to move its limbs are all Tesla-designed parts. The robot can hold 73 kg of weight.

According to Musk, the purpose of the event was to hire staff, and the engineers on stage catered to a technical audience. They described how Tesla created robot hands and tested the robot’s ability to fall on its face without breaking using crash-simulation technologies.

Musk, who has previously discussed the dangers of AI, claimed that the widespread use of robots might “change civilisation” and usher in “a future of abundance, a world without poverty.” However, he stated that in his opinion, Tesla shareholders should be involved in reviewing the company’s initiatives.

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