Michael Egorov Has Sold 106 Million CRV for a Total of $42 Million

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Last Updated on August 4, 2023 by Bitfinsider

Curve Finance creator Michael Egorov has increased his token sales.

In addition to the 72 million Curve DAO (CRV) tokens he sold to various businesses up until yesterday, he sold another 34 million CRV to a varied collection of investors in what appear to be over-the-counter transactions. According to on-chain statistics compiled by Nansen researcher Sandra Leow, Egorov has sold 106 million CRV tokens for a total of $42 million.

According to Leow, recent sales include transactions with businesses such as Wintermute (12.5 million CRV), Llanero (0.27 million CRV), and a wallet address linked to the previous xDAI deployer (6.25 million CRV).

Previously, Egorov conducted OTC transactions with prominent figures in the crypto field. Huobi co-founder Jun Du purchased 10 million CRV tokens for $2 million, while Tron founder Justin Sun purchased 5 million CRV tokens for $2 million. Crypto trader DCFGod purchased 4.25 million CRV, and NFT investor Jeffrey Huang (alias Machi Big Brother) purchased 3.75 million CRV. With the acquisition of 17.5 million CRV tokens, an unidentified organisation secured the largest OTC deal with Egorov.

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