Metamask, An Ethereum Wallet, Now Supports Bank-to-crypto Transactions

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Last Updated on October 16, 2022 by Bitfinsider

Metamask Users Can Swap Fiat for Over 30 Crypto Tokens

Consensys, a cryptocurrency firm, announced on Tuesday that the Ethereum Classic (ETH) wallet Metamask now supports bank-to-cryptocurrency transfers via the ACH company Sardine. Consensys just published a blog post in which they discuss how their new instant ACH interface with Sardine allows users to acquire cryptocurrency without waiting for settlement.

Users of Metamask can now exchange up to $3,000 USD per day in fiat currency for cryptocurrencies thanks to a new feature implemented by Sardine. More than 30 different cryptocurrencies are available for users to spend up to $5,000 each week or $25,000 per month on. In addition to providing fast ACH services, Consensys’s blog article highlights Sardine’s “strong compliance and fraud prevention architecture.”

Tom Brady’s Autograph, the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, and Moonpay are just a few of the crypto companies that Consensys says use Sardine. According to Consensys, “the firm is a leader in real-time fraud detection and helps consumers to move money faster and safer through its ACH-to-crypto solution.” “Sardine provides you the money instantly, so you don’t have to expect any delays” “Instead of waiting for the money to touch your account in order to use it,”

Additionally, the official Metamask Twitter page posted, “Sardine’s payment mechanism helps combat fraud and permits quick purchases,” and included a brief summary of how users may begin taking advantage of the new feature. On October 15th, the Metamask website boasted that “30 million people worldwide” were taking advantage of the software.

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