Insight to CAGA Future Plans

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Last Updated on November 14, 2023 by Bitfinsider

CAGA Crypto intends to reach the secondary market as part of the second phase, in the first quarter of 2024, due to the dual-reward scheme, which allows stakeholders to get both benefits from their initial staking tokens and additional returns from the Swap Pool or Mega Pool. This will allow active community members to vote on which of the two ideas they prefer.

Swap Pool is a Liquid Staking Token DEX that lets players to make money by staking their tokens in a liquidity pool at a 1:1 value ratio. Holders obtain Liquid Saving tokens such as stEth, rEth, or cgCAGA in this manner. They then deposit them in the liquidity pool and begin collecting initial token incentives as well as liquidity fees. Mega Pool enables members to boost the value of their tokens and hence their earnings. Users can utilize this method to lend their assets to other participants through interest-bearing loans.

Members of the community can borrow cryptocurrencies from one another at low interest rates by using their tokens as collateral. They may benefit on the interest of both lenders and borrowers in this manner. The third stage of CAGA DAO growth involves all active community members collaboratively selecting and investing in initiatives that, in their opinion, will provide profit. As a result, only users may decide which path to choose for beneficial collaboration and profit.

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