Gala Games Tweets About Their Collaboration With the Rock Before Taking the Announcement Down

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Last Updated on January 12, 2023 by Bitfinsider

Gala Games’ abrupt deletion of a tweet promising a collaboration with actors Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mark Wahlberg left holders of GALA tokens perplexed.

The studio was working on two projects with the stars, who were referred to in the tweet as “major forces in the entertainment world,” which was published on January 9 and featured a screen capture from the Gala Games Discord. The company’s native token increased by approximately 70% as a result of the post, reaching $0.049; however, it has since fallen once more and is currently trading at $0.038.

The company’s server still contains the original Discord message. Moderators have been questioned by users of the Gala Games and Gala Film servers on Discord about the affiliation, but no comment has been given. One user said that after inquiring about the relationship, they were banned from the Gala Games server.

They asked: “Why would GALA boot me from the server for simply asking a legitimate question about a public article? I was asking if the team had any update?”

Others in the Gala Games Discord have claimed that those seeking confirmation are spreading false information and that bots are being deployed on Twitter to harm the reputation of Gala Games.

In the middle of last year, Gala Games introduced Gala Film with the goal of utilizing web3 technology to get over obstacles in the film and TV industry, such as the difficulties in being “found” and intellectual property rights.

At the moment, it has four films posted on its website, and two of them may be bought through NFTs. The least expensive NFT that allows access is $250.

The corporation is yet to respond concerns but published a 2.5-hour-long YouTube AMA from Nov 1 today on Twitter. In the video, Wahlberg and Archie Gips, president and partner of the Los Angeles-based production company Unrealistic Ideas, are interviewed.

Source: Twitter

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