French air traffic control strike causes delays for European flights

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022 by Bitfinsider

On Friday (Sept. 16), a strike by French air traffic controllers caused airlines to cancel half of all flights planned to arrive at or depart from Paris airports as well as other flights scheduled to pass over France.

Airlines’ hopes of a summer resurgence following widespread COVID-19 lockdowns were dashed when strikes and staff shortages forced them to cancel thousands of flights. Disruption continued into the autumn as a result.

The impact of inflation and the union’s desire for more staff members, according to a statement from the French air traffic control union SNCTA, caused its members to strike.

When Ryanair cancelled 420 flights, mostly over France, it claimed that this had affected the travel plans of 80,000 passengers.

On Wednesday, Air France announced that it will only run 90% of its long-haul flights and only 45% of its short- and medium-range flights.

The country’s airports saw “severe delays,” according to the aviation body DGAC, which had instructed airlines to cut their flight schedules. Local airports Montpellier and Rennes were briefly shuttered.

The representative stated that airlines had a tendency to reduce short and medium-length services rather than long ones.

Low-cost airline EasyJet reported that the strike had forced the cancellation of 76 flights.

The walkout forced 65 flights to be canceled, according to Spanish airport operator AENA, which also had an effect on major airports in surrounding nations.

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