Following Terra’s demise, Hashed loses over $3.5 billion and Delphi loses $10 million.

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Last Updated on May 19, 2022 by Bitfinsider

The Terra ecosystem’s catastrophic collapse has also dragged down several investors and large projects. Aside from the investors who lost their life savings in the currency, a large number of investors who backed the projects have also spoken out about their losses.

Hashed and Delphi Digital, two big Terra backers, detailed how the downturn affected their balance sheets.

Reports reveal that Hashed and Delphi suffered catastrophic losses as they lost an estimated $3.5B and $10M, respectively, amidst the Terra downfall.

Terra is also backed by Hashed, an early-stage business firm based in San Francisco and Seoul. Terra had used the company’s help to raise $25 million in a 2021 venture round.

Despite the fact that the corporation hasn’t revealed the amount of the effect, it maintains that it is “financially sound.” However, on-chain data reports reflect a different side of the story. The company had invested approximately 27 million LUNA on the Columbus 3 mainnet, 9.7 million on the Columbus 4 mainnet, and 13.2 million on the current Columbus 5 mainnet.

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