Elon Musk Sends an Email to Twitter Engineers Inviting Them to His Office

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Last Updated on November 19, 2022 by Bitfinsider

Musk stated that the purpose of providing all of this information and meeting with him in the office was to conduct “brief technical interviews” that would help him “better comprehend the Twitter tech stack.”

Musk stated that approved remote workers could request a video conversation with him. However, he said, “Only those who cannot reach Twitter HQ or have a family emergency will be excused.”

A wave of Twitter employees resigned on Thursday, prompting the contradictory messages about returning to work.

The day before, their new “Chief Twit,” as Musk affectionately refers to himself, issued an ultimatum requiring them to commit to his vision for Twitter 2.0 and to work “long hours with high intensity.”

Three employees who resigned on Thursday told Bitfinsider on Friday morning that they still had access to Twitter’s internal infrastructure.

One individual claimed that so many members of Twitter’s human resources and IT departments had resigned or been laid off that it could take the firm a long time to determine whose access to email, Slack, and other systems should be disabled.

These individuals requested anonymity for fear of professional penalties.

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