During a Three-hour Discussion With Xi, Biden Opposes China’s ‘aggressive’ Taiwan Policy

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On Monday, during a three-hour discussion with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, Vice President Joe Biden criticized China’s behavior toward Taiwan.

It was the first time the two powerhouse leaders had met in person since Biden entered office. The encounter took place in Bali, a day before the G-20 summit was scheduled to begin.

“We must design the proper way for China-U.S. relations,” Xi stated in Mandarin at the start of the meeting, according to an official English translation aired.

“We must find the proper direction for the bilateral relationship moving ahead in order to enhance it.”

According to a statement from China’s Foreign Ministry, Xi underlined the need to learn from past and use it “as a mirror” to “lead the future.” He stated that the bilateral relationship is not in a state that is beneficial to the people of both countries and is not what the international community expects. The discussion was held in Bali a day before the G-20 summit was scheduled to begin.

Biden stated that the United States and China can manage their disagreements and prevent competitiveness from escalating into confrontation. According to a White House summary of Biden’s remarks, the two leaders discussed “their different objectives and intentions on a variety of issues”

The release stated, “President Biden highlighted that the United States will continue to compete strongly with the PRC, particularly by investing in domestic sources of strength and synchronizing efforts with allies and partners throughout the world.”

“He reaffirmed that this competition should not escalate into a confrontation and emphasized that the United States and China must manage the competition properly and maintain open communication channels. The two leaders emphasized the significance of developing principles that would achieve these objectives and charged their respective teams with further discussion.

The two presidents had a videoconference in November 2021 and a conversation in late July, among other interactions.

Tensions between the United States and China have increased over the past several years, with flashpoints including Taiwan, the war in Ukraine, and the ability of U.S. companies to sell high-end technology to Chinese businesses.

Biden reportedly informed Xi on Monday that the United States’ “one China policy” had not altered in regards to Taiwan. “The United States opposes unilateral changes to the status quo by any side, and the international community has an interest in preserving peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.” The White House briefing stated that he “expressed U.S. objections to the PRC’s coercive and more hostile activities against Taiwan, which undermine peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and the broader region and threaten global prosperity.”

Each president was accompanied by nine representatives from the government.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns represented the United States.

Ding Xuexiang, a new member of China’s highest circle of authority, and He Lifeng, chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission, accompanied Xi. Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Assistant Foreign Minister Hua Chunying also attended.

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