Developers Believes That Shiba Inu’s Metaverse Will Be Partially Operational Soon

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Last Updated on April 11, 2023 by Bitfinsider

Shiba Inu developers announced in an update on Monday that the SHIB Metaverse, a project that increases the utility of the shiba inu (SHIB) ecosystem, is expected to launch by December of this year.

Although any development takes time, developers stated on Monday that they were optimistic users would be able to explore some of the places in this magnificent world by the end of 2023 and build, design, play, and develop inside it.

The developers stressed that while the Metaverse is a work in progress, not all of its components will be finished.

The 100,595 pieces of land in the Metaverse were created by users. With the help of their plots, landowners can gather materials for the game and earn rewards. The creators also intend to give gamers a method to make money and guarantee that they have a private area where they can manage and grow their projects.

Users can design their own humanoid dog avatars to explore, visit, and interact with regions in the metaverse and to participate in the in-game economy.

Shibarium, a layer 2 network using Shiba ecosystem tokens like Bone (BONE) and Leash (LEASH), whose testnet is already operational, will be used to create the metaverse. At the time of writing, the price of SHIB is $0.00001111, according to data from Scallop Exchange.

How to Buy or Trade SHIB on Scallop Exchange

You can buy or trade SHIB on Scallop. As Scallop frequently holds campaigns and events, you should check out its official Telegram group here to see if you can participate and win rewards as you trade.

On Scallop, you can trade SHIB as a spot pair (SHIB/USDT) in 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign up and register an account on Scallop 
  2. Buy USDT via Scallop One-click Buy (Follow the step-by-step guide from step 1 to 6) 
  3. Trade SHIB/USDT at Scallop Spot

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