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ProEX is here to celebrate the start of the Lunar New Year with you in the year of the rabbit. With its latest campaign, be prepared to earn more when you stake or trade with ProEX. In fact, you can simply do both activities to maximize your earnings out of this event! After all, ProEX is committed to making your crypto trading journey as pleasant as possible for our dearest users.

The Lunar Rabbit Event Activities

During this period, you can earn cashback up to 4% annual interest rate of the Staking Pool. In addition, complete a contract transaction to be eligible to receive a sure-win New Year’s red envelope. You can get up to a maximum of 4 rewards in this event from both activities.

For further information on the activities and their respective rewards, please see below:

Activity A: Rabbit Year Financial Plan

During the activity, use ProEX’s Staking Pool and deposit no less than the specified amount. In addition to the annual interest deposited by the system daily, you will receive the corresponding annual interest from ProEX:

Activity B: Rabbit’s Good friend – Transaction Bonus

As long as you complete a contract transaction of no less than 500 USDT during the event period, you will be eligible to receive the ProEX 2023 red envelopes. The red envelopes are randomly sent by the system and the values are random, up to a maximum of 8 USDT!

To Participate in Activity A, Follow The Instructions Below to Start Staking With ProEX In 6 Simple Steps

1. Sign up and register an account on ProEX.

2. Click on “Balances”, then “Deposit” on the “Asset Overview” page. 

3. Choose the corresponding currency (e.g. USDT, BTC or ETH) under “Coins”, and choose “TRC20” for “Chain name”. You will see the wallet address and QR Code address fully displayed to complete the opening of your USDT/BTC/ETH TRC20 deposit wallet.

4. After you have opened your wallet address, return to the homepage and hover over “Investment” and click “savings”. 

5. Click on “Savings Account” and click on “Subscribe”

6. After filling in the subscription amount, click “Confirm Subscription”, and the screen of completed subscription will pop up.

To Participate in Activity B, Follow The Instructions Below to Start Trading On ProEX Futures

1. Sign up and register an account on ProEX.

2. Next, deposit funds into your account. Once funds are deposited, you will have to transfer them into your ‘Contract Account’. After clicking on the ‘Balances’ option of the navigation menu, select your ‘Contract Account’. Once there, you will see the following:

You will also need to choose whether to trade on USDT (Tether USD). ProEX added the option to trade futures in either of the options above, but for this event, we will use Tether USD (USDT) as you are only eligible if you use USDT.

After you have funds in your account, it’s time to start trading. This is what the ProEX interface looks like: 

Utilizing Leveraged Trading on ProEX Futures

On some pairs, such as the BTC/USDT for this case, ProEX allows users to conduct trades with a leverage of up to 125x.

York leverage is fairly easy to set. The leverage button is located on the right side, next to the ‘Order Book’; by clicking it, you can access the following movable bar and modify the precise leverage:

It’s crucial to remember that utilizing large leverage entails significant risks and should not be undertaken by novice traders. Going over 5x is not advised, and even doing so significantly raises the chance of capital loss. Never invest more than you can afford to lose, especially in the stock market.

How To Trade Contracts on ProEX Futures

Due to their friendly user interface and experience, trading Bitcoin futures on ProEX is straightforward. Traders have access to up to 125x leverage on this pair.

You can place the following types of orders on the platform:

  • Limit Order
  • Market Order
  • Stop-Limit/Market Order

Short Or Long Position – Limit Order, Market Order & Stop Order

  1. Limit Orders: Limit orders are used when you want to buy at a specific price.

You must indicate the price at which you want to buy or sell in order to establish a limit order. Enter the entire quantity of Bitcoin you desire to purchase in the size field. The Buy/Long button will open your position as soon as you press it. We will teach you how to close it and monitor it down below.

  1. Market Orders: The most fundamental order form, are employed to purchase Bitcoin at a spot price.

The quantity of the order is all that is required. Again, take note that the needed margin is five times lower than the order’s actual value.

  1. Stop-Limit Orders: These are frequently employed as take-profit or stop-loss mechanisms.

The stop price determines when your stop-limit order will convert to a standard limit order (conversely – a market order if you use a stop-market order). When you want to buy is indicated on the price tab.

You must enter a stop price that, when reached, will cause the limit order to be executed at the chosen price if you want to use it as a stop-loss. To use it as a take-profit mechanism, it’s best to take advantage of the Stop-Market order.

Closing a Position

You will be able to check on the status of your position once it is open. You have two choices if you want to close your position. You may close at the best spot price immediately after the market closes or a limit close which enables you to designate the price at which the position should be closed.

Event Duration: (UTC+8) 01/20 00:00 ~ 02/04 23:59

Event Rules

  1. User can participate in activity A and activity B at the same time
  2. Users participating in activity A must pass real name authentication
  3. For activity A, each user can get up to three rewards
  4. For activity A, the annual interest of the gift will be paid after the event ends and the system will calculate and send it according to the number of days you deposit and the annual interest rate given by the system each date will not be affected
  5. For activity B, users must complete contract transactions up to 500 USDT (excluding leverage) to receive commission
  6. Event rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after the event ends. Only users’ ProEX wallets will be distributed

Disclaimer & Notes

  1. The reward is real assets, which can be freely traded and proposed in accordance with the exchange’s assets withdrawal procedures.
  2. No rewards will be awarded for account swiping or any violations. After verification, the account and identity will be permanently suspended, and the official will retain the right of legal prosecution.
  3. For users participating in this activity, any data and records of participating activities retained or generated by them are mainly based on system and time records.
  4. ProEX reserves the right to interpret, modify, suspend, terminate the activity method and change the content of the version at any time.

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