Court in Montenegro Authorizes Do Kwon’s Extradition

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Last Updated on November 24, 2023 by Bitfinsider

The memo states that the US and South Korean governments’ requests were met. The nation’s Minister of Justice will make the ultimate determination over Kwon’s extradition location. The chief of Terraform Labs, who was caught traveling with a forged passport and was given a four-month prison sentence for document forgery, is expected to be extradited.

The justice minister will make the ultimate determination over the extradition country, the court announced on its website on Friday.

Montenegro has been urged by South Korea to send Kwon back to his native country. The United States is also requesting the extradition of the head of Terraform Labs, as he is being charged with fraud by the SEC and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of New York. Do Kwon is viewed by the authorities in both nations as a con artist who intentionally misled investors.

An entrepreneur was detained by Montenegro police on March 23 as he attempted to board a flight from Podgorica airport to Dubai using forged documents. He entered a not guilty plea in May alongside Han Chang-jung, the former chief financial officer of the business. Kwon was freed from house detention in June after posting a €400,000 ($436,000) bond.

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