Coinbase Cloud will use the Node infrastructure platform to entice developers

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Last Updated on September 22, 2022 by Bitfinsider

Coinbase Cloud, a provider of blockchain infrastructure, has introduced Node, an updated version of its prior Query & Transact (QT) platform that gives developers access to a node service at no cost.

Since its founding in 2020, the platform has provided specialized blockchain nodes for enterprise clients that are run on Coinbase Cloud. Blockchain businesses including CoinList, Chainalysis, and presently use the platform.

With up to 120,000 free daily blockchain queries, the platform has now changed its name to Node, allowing both open source and enterprise developers to build and monitor their applications from a single platform.

Web3 developers will be able to conduct data queries required for decentralized apps as well as delegate the underlying cloud infrastructure to Coinbase Cloud via the Node Application Programming Interface (API). For balances, transactions, and smart contract activities across several blockchains, these queries offer full data.

Luv Kothari, group product manager for Node at Coinbase Cloud said: “Node will offer free and enterprise options for its customers. With the free option, developers will get 120,000 daily requests – enough to get them started and scale to thousands of users. As they look to scale their apps further, they can opt-in to a monthly fee-based enterprise plan.”

Coinbase Cloud has added new functionalities to the Node service that are not seen in QT. These include brand-new “advanced APIs,” according to the team, which will make it easier to query different blockchains. Developers can obtain aggregated and filtered data in a single API request thanks to these sophisticated APIs that abstract away the challenges of creating on the blockchain. Another application programming interface for querying NFT data is also included in the offering.

According to the team, the goal of Node will be to free up developers’ attention so they can concentrate on their businesses and clients while letting Coinbase Cloud to handle any needs for blockchain infrastructure.

Node’s closest rivals in the blockchain infrastructure market, Alchemy and Infura, are positioned against one another by Coinbase Cloud.

According to Kothari, “Each of the different blockchain infrastructure providers take an unique approach to building developer tools.” He further added: “Coinbase Cloud is focused on building a robust enterprise-grade self-service developer platform. We’re building products to simplify blockchain development through features like Advanced and NFT APIs.”

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