Celsius is Preparing to Sue Tiffany Fong for Exposing Internal Information

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Last Updated on April 16, 2023 by Bitfinsider

Celsius Network, a defunct bitcoin loan site, is said to be considering legal action against Tiffany Fong, a cryptocurrency blogger and creditor. The lawsuit is over Fong’s alleged disclosure of internal information, which she claims she obtained from disgruntled former Celsius workers.

According to a screenshot posted by Fong, she presently has around $119,000 in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and Polygon (MATIC) held on Celsius. Withdrawals were halted in mid-June 2022, and the lending platform declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy the following month.

Fong has been aggressively covering the matter on YouTube and other social media channels since the bankruptcy filing. She has disclosed leaked internal information that she claims she acquired privately from angry ex Celsius employees on many occasions.

Celsius Network’s legal counsel, Kirkland & Ellis International, filed an itemised sixth monthly fee statement with the Southern District of New York bankruptcy court on April 14.

The document included an invoice headed “Tiffany Fong litigation,” which billed for about $72,000 for 77 work hours.

The law firm’s involvement in the case began on January 26 and ended on February 6 with the last recorded hours of labour. Despite the fact that no particular legal action has been filed, the filing implies that Celsius’ legal counsel is closely reviewing the leaked material Fong provided on her social media platforms.

The law firm also indicated in the court filing that it was writing cease and desist letters for Fong as well as a request to compel. This motion often asks the court to enforce a request for crucial information in a lawsuit.

Fong has reported on a variety of internal leaks, including business bids for Celsius assets, purported audio of confidential company talks, and suspected transaction activity of officials such as former CEO and founder Alex Mashinsky. Furthermore, she openly accused Celsius of “using customer funds in an attempt to sue a creditor” over a non-legal issue.

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