Cardano’s Founder Addresses the Ethereum Community and Developers

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Last Updated on September 28, 2022 by Bitfinsider

Charles Hoskinson discussed Ethereum and its community in a Twitter thread. He began by stating that they had refused to let go of his brief stint working on the blockchain, which, to be fair, should not have been mentioned as much as it is given that Hoskinson only spent six months at Ethereum nearly a decade ago.

This has always spilled over into the Ethereum camp’s criticism of the Cardano blockchain, which Hoskinson founded shortly after leaving the former. He addresses the fact that the Ethereum community continues to ignore the Cardano network’s advancements over the years.

“I have repeatedly stated that the core engineers of Ethereum have completely ignored Ouroboros over the last five years,” Hoskinson said in a tweet. “On that side of the fence, even mentioning Cardano is a crime.”

Hoskinson went on to address the ‘cult’ references that are frequently used to describe the Cardano community. The community’s close-knit nature has always resulted in cult jokes all over. However, Hoskinson believes that this will only harm the crypto community as a whole. He urged users to avoid falling victim to this trend, stating that it “means that many users are now forced into design decisions that hurt them rather than help them.” That’s probably human nature. But at the very least, we can choose not to succumb to it.”

Addressing this had become necessary following the network’s continued hatred following the Vasil hard fork. The founder had previously lamented the laser-like focus on Vasil’s 3-month delay while rival Ethereum had delayed its own upgrade for about 2 years.

Finally, the founder stated that Cardano’s mission has always been to solve real-world problems. This, he claims, will allow the network to scale to billions of users without the use of cryptocurrency. “In the end, I believe none of that will matter because we are going to change the world,” Hoskinson concluded.

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