Cardano Developer Explains Why 60% of All Nodes Have Gone Offline

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Last Updated on January 23, 2023 by Bitfinsider

The anomaly was explained by Input Output Global (IOG). According to the company, a glitch caused more than half of the nodes to disconnect and restart.

“This appears to have affected relay nodes and block-producing nodes – edge nodes do not appear to have been affected,” said IOG, adding that it appears to have been caused by a temporary anomaly that triggered one of two reactions in the node; some disconnected from a peer, while others threw an exception and restarted.

As the business adds, the impact was “similar to the delays that occur during regular operations and are frequently noticed around epoch borders.”

Depending on the staking pool used, most nodes recovered automatically without human intervention and restarted. Nonetheless, the corporation commits to look into the reason of the anomaly and to put in place extra monitoring tracking mechanisms in addition to “normal” monitoring methods.

The occurrence generated debate throughout the community regarding the network’s decentralization and if the oddity is concerning. According to one user, such an incidence is unusual and has never occurred on Cardano.

“There was one instance when inefficient reward calculation across an epoch boundary slowed down nodes, but that was it,” the user stated. However, the community felt that the impact was minor, as block generation was only halted for a few minutes as nodes rebooted.

However, several users were concerned about the network’s decentralization. According to others, the episode demonstrated that Cardano’s node diversity is insufficient. The fact that not all nodes went down was due to the fact that not all nodes accepted incoming connections. “The survival here was due to node resilience, not node variety,” another user remarked.

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