Boris Johnson Is Struggling To Win Support For His New Bid For The Position Of Prime Minister

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Boris Johnson was putting up a fight on Sunday to garner enough support to become the next prime minister of Britain. This came after prominent figures on the right wing of the Conservative Party banded together in support of Rishi Sunak, who was once accused of betraying Boris Johnson. Sunak was a former business partner of Johnson’s.

In the run-up to the first vote by Conservative lawmakers on Monday, prominent figures who had previously supported Johnson came out in support of Sunak, who had previously served as finance minister.

Junior minister Steve Baker announced on Sunday that he would cast his vote for Sunak because the nation could not afford a return to the soap opera that developed earlier this year before Johnson was forced out of office due to a string of scandals. Baker stated that he would vote for Sunak because the nation could not afford a return to the soap opera.

The Privileges Committee of parliament is currently conducting an investigation into Johnson to determine whether or not he lied to the House of Commons regarding parties that were held at Downing Street while the COVID-19 pandemic was in progress. It is expected that ministers will resign if it is discovered that they intentionally misled the parliament.

Baker was quoted as saying to Sky News, “This isn’t the time for Boris’s style.” “I’m afraid the problem is due to the privileges vote; electing Boris would be a surefire way to fail,”

The three candidates, Sunak, Johnson, and Penny Mordaunt, are attempting to win the support of one hundred members of parliament in order to participate in Monday’s vote to determine who will succeed Liz Truss as prime minister. Truss was removed from office under pressure after serving for only six weeks.

Sunak’s resignation in July sparked a wider uprising, which in turn caused all of Johnson’s ministers to resign in unison, which resulted in Johnson being removed from office against his will.

Baker stated that the nation required a period of stability now because Truss had caused chaos in the financial markets, and that this meant that voting for Johnson once more was not an option.

He said, “What we can’t do is have him in as prime minister in circumstances where he’s bound to implode, taking down the whole government with him.” “What we can’t do is have him in as prime minister in circumstances where he’s bound to implode.”

Damian Green, a supporter of Mordaunt, told Sky News that the candidate would not drop out of the race despite reports indicating that she was having trouble meeting the threshold.

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