Binance.US To Partner with Unstoppable Domains

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Last Updated on April 27, 2023 by Bitfinsider

The American branch of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.US, has partnered with web3 domain name provider Unstoppable Domains to offer branded.Polygon has addresses for BinanceUS.

Wednesday, Unstoppable Domains announced that the.BinanceUS domain names will be made available exclusively through the exchange’s app in the coming weeks. Unstoppable will issue two-digit domain names to BinanceUS consumers for the first time, such as 14.BinanceUS and 23.BinanceUS. It offers two-letter domain names already.

“People can sign up immediately for the.BinanceUS waitlist, and we expect to launch the domains in the coming weeks,” said Sandy Carter, chief operating officer and director of business development at Unstoppable Domain, to Bitfinsider. We do not currently have a specific date, but we will keep the community informed.

Carter stated that.BinanceUS domain names would be available for as little as $10. Carter states that while Unstoppable domains are minted on Polygon, any self-custodied Unstoppable domain can be bridged to Ethereum if desired.

Vice president of business development at Binance.US Nandini Maheshwari told The Block, “This is the first time Binance.US has launched a digital identity for their community.” “.BinanceUS domains will simplify the crypto experience for our community and enable users to take ownership of their digital identities.”

Binance.US is not the first company with which Unstoppable has formed a partnership for branded domains. Carter stated that the company also collaborates with Polygon Labs and to offer .polygon and .blockchain domain names.

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