As Argentina Sets an All-time Record for Registered Worldcoin Users, Now Might Be a Good Time to Get Your Hands on WLD

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Last Updated on September 1, 2023 by Bitfinsider

In just 24 hours, the corporation added 9,500 new customers to the nation. This indicates that a new user registers on the platform once every nine seconds.

One of the most talked-about ID projects in the world, Worldcoin, has shattered its own user record.
Worldcoin is a cryptocurrency initiative with the goal of establishing a global system of universal basic income (UBI). OpenAI was founded by Sam Altman, who is its supporter. The goal of Worldcoin is to give every individual on the planet access to cryptocurrencies and a basic income, which will help fight poverty and advance economic equality.

Well-known venture capital firms including Andreessen Horowitz and Coinbase Ventures have funded Worldcoin. Additionally, experts with knowledge in a variety of areas, including technology, economics, and cryptocurrencies, have been drawn to Worldcoin.

The project’s goal is to develop a system that would enable users to obtain their part of Worldcoin by utilising an eye scan to confirm their identity.

Despite the project’s success in Argentina, there are differences in the company’s relations with the local government. The Argentine Agency for Access to Public Information (AAIP) has recently started looking into the legitimacy of its data collection methods in the nation.

At the time of writing, the price of WLD is trading for $1.187 according to CoinMarketCap and ProEX.

How to buy or trade WLD on ProEX

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On ProEX, you can trade WLD as a spot pair (WLD/USDT) in 3 simple steps:

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Event Rules:

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