Arbitrum Was Not Down for an Hour, According to Offchain Labs

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Last Updated on August 20, 2023 by Bitfinsider

The team behind the Arbitrum Layer 2 project, Offchain Labs, claims that the network was not down for an hour yesterday.

“Was Arbitrum One unavailable for an hour? “No,” CTO Harry Kalodner said on social media on Friday. “Did the batch poster take an hour off from posting?” Yes.”

Because the Ethereum Layer 2 network did not appear to be completing transactions, many users assumed Arbitrum was down for an hour. Kalodner, on the other hand, explained that the downtime was caused by the batch poster.

According to the blockchain tracker Arbiscan, Arbitrum encountered an hour-long stoppage between batches 316,002 and 316,003.

Some social media users stated they couldn’t submit transactions during the one-hour blackout, causing them to fear the entire blockchain had frozen or was down.

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