Amazon Intends to Shutdown Three UK Distribution Centers

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Last Updated on January 10, 2023 by Bitfinsider

Amazon revealed on Tuesday that it has initiated a consultation over the closure of three U.K. facilities employing a total of 1,200 workers.

As part of an examination of its network, the company may close sites in Hemel Hempstead, Doncaster, and Gourock “to ensure it meets our business goals and to improve the experience for our staff and customers,” a spokeswoman told Bitfinsider.

They stated that all employees will offer new positions elsewhere. It did not reveal the location of the anticipated chances for Gourock’s 300 employees in western Scotland.

“All impacted workers will have the chance to shift to other locations, and we remain dedicated to our customers, staff, and communities throughout the United Kingdom,” the spokesman stated. Over the next three years, the firm expects to establish two additional fulfillment centers in the United Kingdom, in Peddimore and Stockton-on-Tees, creating 2,500 new employment.

The Amazon representative stated that the U.K. facility closures were not included in the company’s announcement of 18,000 job layoffs last week. Amazon, which employs a total of 75,000 individuals in the United Kingdom, is aiming to scale down a portion of the expansion it did during the Covid-19 era and prepare for a widely anticipated economic collapse in 2023.

The business has lost almost 46% of its value on the Nasdaq over the past year, in line with a broader decline in tech shares.

Following the hectic holiday season, Steve Garelick of the union GMB described the plan as a “kick in the teeth” for employees.

Accusing the company of failing to provide a secure employment model, he stated, “Amazon employees cannot be expected to abruptly uproot and relocate to a new fulfilment location that may be several miles away.”

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