According to Reports, Tencent Cloud Would Sell a Deepfake Generation Tool for $145

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Last Updated on April 30, 2023 by Bitfinsider

The Chinese internet giant Tencent’s cloud services division, Tencent Cloud, has introduced a new digital human production platform that enables users to generate deepfakes of any person using a three-minute video clip and 100 words of audio material.

The deepfake generator offered by Tencent Cloud creates fictitious films of people using Tencent’s in-house artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Deepfake films are frequently used by con artists to fool investors by posing as well-known people. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, issued a warning in 2022 about the growing problem of deepfakes using his likeness to spread bitcoin fraud.

Tencent Cloud’s service, according to local media Jiemian, can analyze and train itself on 100 speech samples and three-minute films to create a convincing deepfake video in less than 24 hours. The cost of the deepfake creation service is approximately $145 or 1,000 yuan.

According to news outlet The Register, Tencent verified the breakthrough and said that the service could produce deepfakes in both Chinese and English. Five different forms of digital human construction are available: 2D actual person, 2D cartoon, 3D realistic, and 3D semi-realistic.

Tencent plans to use the platform to present live-streamed infomercials targeted at the Chinese market. According to Jiemian’s analysis, deepfakes may also be used to pose as “doctors, lawyers, and other professionals.”

Other Chinese IT behemoths like Huawei and Baidu have also been working on their own versions of generative AI tools to compete with ChatGPT, the industry leader.

As previously mentioned, chat-based large language models can be used in blockchain for a variety of purposes, such as evaluating the codes for smart contracts or suggesting strategies for profitable cryptocurrency trading.

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