A partnership between Dapper Labs and the Spanish Soccer League Laliga Launch Memorable Moments NFT Platform Laliga Golazos

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Last Updated on October 8, 2022 by Bitfinsider

The Laliga, which is Spain’s top-tier soccer league, is now venturing into the realm of digital collectibles. The company just recently made the announcement that it will be launching its very own NFT platform, which will be called Laliga Golazos. The program, which was launched in conjunction with the producer of NBA Top Shots, Dapper Labs, has been developed with the intention of connecting fans with some of the most iconic moments in Spanish soccer.

The objective of Laliga Golazos is to provide video coverage of the most exciting moments and games from the league, beginning in 2005 and continuing up to the present day. The name “Golazos” originates from the Spanish word “gol,” which literally translates to “goal,” and is meant to honor the most memorable goals scored in the league’s whole history. Users will be able to watch some of the games from multiple angles while listening to an official play-by-play commentary when using these NFTs.

Moments will include things like “brilliant dribbles and talents, fantastic assists, incredible saves, great defensive actions, and the goals millions of fans around the world applaud,” according to a press release. Each of these moments will be assigned a level of rarity, with more desirable moments seeing a smaller number of issuances than less desirable ones. These moments will be issued on top of the Flow blockchain, which is rumored to be well suited for the use case in question.

This is just the most recent in a string of product releases and cooperation agreements that Laliga is now working to build in order to expand the audience that its business caters to and reawaken the interest of younger generations in the league.

Additionally, the company made the announcement earlier this month that it would be forming a relationship with Globant, a software company based in Argentina, to develop digital goods in the fields of Web3 and metaverse. Additionally, the company has granted Decentraland a license to use its intellectual property (IP) so that it can provide many experiences on a portion of the Ethereum-based metaverse platform. These experiences will be offered in the form of virtual goods.

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