A Fake Ledger Live App Has Made Its Way Into Microsoft’s App Store

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Last Updated on November 6, 2023 by Bitfinsider

According to cryptocurrency detective ZachXBT, nearly $600,000 in Bitcoin was stolen from consumers who downloaded a bogus Ledger Live software from Microsoft’s app store.

On Nov. 5, an on-chain analyst discovered the scam “Ledger Live Web3,” which dupes users into thinking they’re installing “Ledger Live” — a user interface for Ledger hardware wallets to store cryptocurrency offline.

According to Blockchain.com, the fraudster collected about 16.8 BTC worth $588,000 via 38 transactions using the wallet address “bc1q….y64q.” The scammer’s wallet has lost almost $115,200 in two transactions, leaving it with $473,800 or 13.5 BTC.

ZachXBT mentioned in a follow-up post that Microsoft may have removed the bogus Ledger Live app from its platform.

On October 24, a $5,210 transaction was sent to the scammer’s wallet address. The wallet had never been used before. The majority of these transfers have occurred since November 2, with the largest transfer costing $81,200 on November 4.

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