A Crypto Lawyer Reveals SEC Connections to the Co-founder of Ethereum

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Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Bitfinsider

John E. Deaton, a legal expert, recently tweeted about possible connections favouring William Hinman, the senior enforcer in the XRP case, and former SEC Chairman Jay Clayton.

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Deaton’s investigation revealed a potential link between Joseph Lubin, an Ethereum co-founder, and SEC representatives.

He asserts that Lubin made the strategic choice to work with the Jay Clayton-led law firm Sullivan & Cromwell in order to deter measures against Ethereum. Clayton has made hints that Ripple Labs may have stayed out of trouble if they had retained the same legal counsel.

Deaton also disclosed a connection between William Hinman’s company, Simpson Thacher, and a Chinese subsidiary that helped Canaan, a business that makes money from mining Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), go public. These findings give rise to questions regarding objectivity and possible conflicts of interest.

In addition, despite orders to the contrary, Deaton criticises Clayton’s choice to suit Ripple Labs and its cryptocurrency XRP, sparking discussions regarding the reasons for such decisions.

Judge Analisa Torres’ decision continues to be crucial in the development of the case, despite the SEC’s latest appeal reviving interest in the proceedings.

Discussions regarding justice, openness, and integrity in the regulatory system have been sparked by Deaton’s discoveries.

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