650 ETH Are Swept Up by a Uranium Finance Scammer Using Tornado Cash

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Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by Bitfinsider

Blockchain security platform PeckShield first brought attention to the moves in a recent tweet. The security firm noted that 140 ether (ETH), worth $251,000 at the time, were sent to Tornado Cash from the Uranium Finance exploiter-labeled address.

According to Etherscan data, the address may have sent Tornado Cash up to 650 ETH worth $1.18 million. In a sequence of transactions involving 100 ETH and 10 ETH, all the assets were shifted. Today’s initial and latest transactions were place at 06:06 and 06:38, respectively (UTC).

Before paying 650 ETH to Tornado Cash, the address exchanged 1.196 million USDT worth of USDT for 657 ETH over the course of three erratic transactions. The address now has 7.8 ETH and $109.5K worth of USDC that it received yesterday after the transfers.

Wallets linked to the Uranium Finance theft have been seen sending stolen money to Tornado Cash twice so far this year. Two months ago, it was revealed that one of the compromised wallets had used Tornado Cash to launder 2,250 ether, which had a value of $3.35 million at the time.

Remember that the $50 million worth of crypto assets were lost in the April 2021 Uranium Finance exploit. The hackers delivered 2,400 ETH to Tornado Cash at the time despite attempts to halt the flow of money, leaving some assets idle. A few of these assets have already begun to move on-chain.

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