Scallop Recap (February 2023)

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Last Updated on March 1, 2023 by Bitfinsider

Hello Fellow Scallopians!

Welcome to the Scallop recap for February 2023, Here you can find the latest development news and updates regarding Scallop App.

Scallop Lists 32 new pairs on Futures Trading

  1. GALA
  2. WAVES
  3. FTM
  4. LDO
  5. XMR
  6. BAND
  7. SPELL
  8. ZIL
  9. GRT
  10. DYDX
  11. RSR
  12. LRC
  13. ENS
  14. Sand
  15. Mana
  16. ENJ
  17. AXS
  18. Flow
  19. CHZ
  20. NEAR
  21. Algo
  22. CRV
  23. REN
  24. RNDR
  25. HOOK
  26. FET
  27. JASMY
  28. HBAR
  29. SKL
  30. ZEN
  31. DUSK
  32. MINA

Scallop App Is live on EU Users

Scallop attains Twitter Verification on February 20th!

Scallop debuts on Forbes’ list of digital assets – check it out here!

Scallop CEO AMA on 16th February 2023

Be sure to check out the AMA recap on their official telegram

It was a month long of exciting developments to come and stay tuned to keep up to date with Scallop and the Scallop Ecosystem.

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