Top 3 Blockchain Events in November 2022

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1. Token 2049

TOKEN2049 draws the most influential figures, projects and companies, spawning dozens of meetups, workshops, hackathons, and networking opportunities all around the two-day main event.

Meet us in London, the financial capital of the world, for a world-class experience at an unparalleled venue. Located in the heart of Greenwich Peninsula, with breathtaking views of Canary Wharf, Magazine London is set to be transformed into a vibrant landscape for industry veterans and crypto enthusiasts from all over the world.

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Event starts from November 9th to November 10th and ticket price starts from 2398.80 Euros to 4798.80 Euros.

2. Istanbul Blockchain Week

Istanbul Blockchain Week is the most anticipated blockchain event of 2022 and takes place in one of Turkey’s Most Vibrant Cities, Istanbul.

Istanbul is a hub of culture and trade with an exciting thirst for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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Event starts from November 14th to November 17th and ticket price starts from 149.25 Euros to 2249.25 Euros.

3. 2nd Annual Banking Transformation Africa

In November 2022, we will build on our first annual Banking Transformation Africa (BTA), driving engagement on major and emerging issues across the African financial ecosystem. 

As the global banking industry undergoes a radical transformation, the BTA 2022 Summit will gather top banking CEOs and executives to plot Africa’s banking industry’s route to digital transformation, differentiation, profitability, digital culture, and growth. The Summit will bring our banking community together in person to shape the future of financial services in Africa and be part of the conversation with the industry’s leaders to share insights, knowledge, and plans for the crucial period ahead.

(Abstract from Banking Transformation Africa 2022)

Event starts from October 21st to October 22nd and ticket price starts from 699 USD to 999 USD.

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