ProEX Provides 6000 USDT Giveaway For All Participating Users

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Last Updated on March 19, 2023 by Bitfinsider

Join us on ProEX for the second giveaway event for this year and have the chance to win a shared prize pool of a total 6000 USDT!

There are 4 tasks to this event and below is the task and reward.

As you can see, by completing the tasks, the user will be rewarded with POMG and USD Token.

What is POMG? 

POMG is a platform reward point, which can be exchanged for USDT. 

Minimum requirement is 100 POMG to redeem. Exchange rate is 1:1

Which means 100 POMG will be 100 USDT. 

Exchange POMG here.

For Task 1: Complete and Pass KYC

Current users who have not passed KYC will stand to earn 1 POMG Token, and New Users will stand to earn 2 POMG after completing and passing KYC.

Follow our KYC Guide here.

For Task 2: Deposit $100

For Current Users to participate, Deposit a minimum of $100 USDT to be rewarded with 2 POMG.

For New Users to participate, Deposit a minimum of $100 USDT to be rewarded with 3 POMG.

It can be done in 2 steps, by obtaining the wallet address and performing the deposit into your digital account.

Deposit and Staking Guide.

For Task 3: Trade either BLUR or BNB or BTC

Trade in either of these 3 tokens (BLUR, BNB, BTC) on ProEX spot trading, with a minimum net buying volume of $400 USDT within the event duration and current users will be rewarded with 2 USDT and new users will be rewarded with 3 USDT!

Find out more about Blur.

Find out more about BTC.

For Task 4: Post an Instagram Story and Tag

Complete any of the 3 tasks above and take a screenshot of the above tasks when completion and post on Instagram, and tagging on Instagram story and keep the story on for 24 hours to be rewarded with 2 POMG for current users and 3 POMG for new users. 

Do remember to keep your Instagram account settings as public so that the relevant staff can see your participation in the activity record

Event Rules:

  1. After posting the IG story, let the story show for at least 24 hours, if it does not reach 24 hours, you will not be eligible to receive the prize.
  2. How to calculate the total amount of net buying: total amount bought – total amount sold
  3. The total reward of the event is 6000 USDT, first come, first served
  4. Participants must pass real name verification
  5. After accumulating enough 100 POMG, you can exchange the corresponding USDT
  6. Link to change POMG:
  7. Rewards will be distributed to eligible users’ ProEX accounts within 14 working days after the event ends


  1. The reward is real assets, which can be freely traded and proposed in accordance with the exchange’s assets withdrawal procedures.
  2. No rewards will be awarded for account swiping or any violations. After verification, the account and identity will be permanently suspended, and the official will retain the right of legal prosecution.
  3. For users participating in this activity, any data and records of participating activities retained or generated by them are mainly based on system and time records.
  4. ProEX reserves the right to interpret, modify, suspend, terminate the activity method and change the content of the version at any time.

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