How to Earn Passive Income via Risk Free Staking With ProEX

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Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Bitfinsider

Voyager Digital and Celsius Network, two prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, both went out of business last year as a direct result of the most recent cryptocurrency market crash. When we look back only one year ago, both of these businesses had market capitalizations that were greater than $1 billion. 

Both Voyager Digital and Celsius Network, had an earn program which started from 8% up to 18% yield, which proved to be too volatile in this bear market, and with major financial issues like inflation, a weak stock market, and increased interest rates by the Federal Reserve System in the US. As a result, people started to pull out their crypto investments from Voyager Digital and Celsius Network due to fear of the value of their cryptocurrency crashing and started converting them into cash and other more stable assets.

As ProEX is committed to the safety of assets and to provide users with risk free staking, ProEX has decided to adjust the interest rate for the staking pool, to align with the interest of the users. 

The following annual rate of interest has been adjusted, updated based on January 2023.

  • USDT: 1% per annum
  • BTC: 0.44% per annum
  • ETH: 0.44% per annum

Below is a guide on how to stake your USDT, BTC and ETH with ProEX.

Please follow the steps below to start staking with ProEX:

  1. Register an account on ProEX via “Sign Up”
  1. Hover over “Balances” on the main page, then click on “Digital Account” and subsequently on “Deposit”.
  1. Under the “Coins” section, choose “USDT” and select “TRC20” under the “Chain name” section. You will see the wallet address and QRCode address fully displayed to complete the opening of your USDT TRC20 deposit wallet.
  1. After you have opened your USDT TRC20 wallet address, return to the homepage and hover over “Investment” and click “Savings”.
  2. Click on “Savings Account” and click on “Subscribe”.
  1. After filling in the subscription amount, click “Confirm Subscription,” and the screen of completed subscription will pop up.

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