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It should become increasingly straightforward for people to comprehend how to get bitcoin using the fiat money of their choosing as cryptocurrency usage continues to expand at a rapid rate.

This article will discuss what fiat on-ramps is, as well as why they are so important to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The world of cryptocurrencies is filled to the brim with vocabulary, most of which may appear intimidating at first glance; nonetheless, a good deal of this terminology is essential to comprehend in the context of a newly digitized and abstract universe.

What is Fiat On-Ramp?

A service known as a “on-ramp” enables users to convert fiat currency, such as dollars and euros, into cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum). Since government-issued currency, often known as fiat currency, is by far the most extensively used type of currency in the world, exchanging fiat for cryptocurrencies is the most convenient way to get started with cryptocurrency trading. To put it another way, it’s a “ramp” that leads into the realm of cryptocurrency.

Even if millions of people all over the world have already bought and invested in cryptocurrencies, the procedure can still be quite difficult when you first get started. For continued adoption of cryptocurrencies, it is crucial that the onboarding process be user-friendly and uncomplicated.

ProEX partners with Alchemy Pay to provide 50% off your first Fiat On-Ramp Order 

In order to make the transaction simpler and more convenient, ProEX will be promoting the activity of “50% off Alchemy Pay first order handling fee” One-click to buy crypto, and instantly own the cryptocurrency you want. ProEX wants you to have the safest and most enjoyable experience during the event with the most attractive offers.

Event Duration: (UTC+8) 11/22 00:00 ~ 12/19 05:00

Event Rules:

  1. During the event, users who complete the first order with Alchemy Pay will enjoy a 50% discount on the handling fee;
  2. A single payment is capped at USD 2,000 (or other currencies equivalent to USD 2,000)
  3. Orders that fail to pay do not consume the 50% discount. If the first payment is unsuccessful due to network fluctuations or any other non-human fraud, the 50% discount will remain until the first purchase is successful;

Event Notes:

  1. Rewards will not be awarded for swiping the account or for any violations. After verification, the account and identity will be permanently suspended, and the official will reserve the right of legal prosecution.
  2. Alchemy Pay will strictly review and ban the account if there is any illegal arbitrage behavior such as malicious swiping, batch registration of small accounts, etc.;
  3. Alchemy Pay reserves the right to judicial proceedings if any participant commits fraud;
  4. For users who participate in this activity, the data and records of any participating activities retained or generated by them are mainly based on system and time records.
  5. ProEX reserves the right to interpret, amend, suspend, terminate the method of activities and change the content of the version at any time.

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